The Brand

Q&A Himalayan Salt is sourced directly from the Himalayan Mountains. Our Pink Himalayan Salt is known to be far superior to traditional iodized salt as it comes from a million-year-old source and has remained pure and untouched by the pollutants that pervade other forms of ocean salt. It is said to contain the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body.

For bulk quantities or for opening a wholesale account with us, please kindly use the contact us page or email us at and we would be more than happy to assist you with opening a wholesale account for your company.

Our wide range of products, including the most popular ones which are currently in stock and readily available to ship, are:

  • 100% Natural Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses
  • 100% All Natural Salt Cooking Block
  • 100% All Natural Himalayan Salt Massage Stones (Unique Design)
  • 100% Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp
  • 100% Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Various Design Candle Holders