Himalayan Salt Spa Massage balls (Set of 4)

From Q&A?s exclusive spa range, made with all natural, 100% organic pink Himalayan salt and hand crafted flawlessly, our Himalayan salt spa massage balls work as an amazing detox and would be the perfect edition to your spa products. To make the best out of these Himalayan salt massage balls you can heat them and use them with a few drops of your favorite essential oil!

Includes 4 massage balls


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Our Himalayan salt spa massage stones are made from all natural, 100% organic pink Himalayan salt. These massage balls are carved beautifully from a block of pink Himalayan salt. You can use it as a scrub and flake away all that dead skin. These would be the perfect addition to your spa products. These massage balls have various uses and work best as a detox.

Usage for Himalayan salt spa massage balls:

  • can be used as an organic Himalayan salt deodorant
  • can be used as a pumice stone in the shower
  • can be used to get rid dead skin
  • for an exclusive spa experience can be used hot

Not one massage balls will be alike in color due to the nature of pink Himalayan salt

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