Sea Shell Himalayan Salt Night Light

Straight from the Himalayan salt mines, beautifully hand-crafted, 100% organic, our?Sea shell Himalayan Salt night light. The night light rejuvenates the air around it and radiates a warm subtle glow, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Ideal for your home office, bedroom, meditation area or any other living area!

Includes a 6 Watt bulb


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Our Sea shell Himalayan salt night light is made from 100%, organic and all-natural Himalayan salt. It would be the perfect addition to your living area. This night light is hand carved from blocks of Himalayan rock salt. It comes with an included bulb that gives a soft warm subtle glow of light. You can also change the color of the bulb as per your liking.

No two night lights will be alike due to the nature of the Himalayan rock salt. (Slight difference in dimensions and shape due to hand carving)


What this Sea shell Himalayan salt night light includes:

6 Watt bulb

Certified Electric holder with on/off toggle switch

Approximate Dimensions for Sea shell Himalayan night light:

Net Weight: 1-2 Lbs.

Measures: 3 inches tall x 3 inches wide x 3 inch circumference

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