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  • Himalayan Salt Turtle Lamp
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Q&A Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt Turtle Lamp

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The Himalayan Salt Turtle Lamp stands as a unique and enchanting lighting option, destined to transform any living space it graces.

Key Features:

Prefixed Small Candelabra Light Bulb: The lamp includes a small candelabra light bulb, ensuring immediate operation upon setup. The bulb is replaceable, allowing you to alter the hue of the lighting area by simply switching the bulb.

Meticulously Hand Carved: Crafted meticulously from a substantial block of Himalayan Salt, the Turtle Lamp showcases the beauty and intricacy of hand-made artistry.

Complete Set: This extraordinary piece comes with everything you need — a wood pyramid shape base, a 6-foot UL listed electrical cord with an on/off toggle switch, and a box, making it an ideal choice for gift-giving.

Dimmable Lighting: The inclusion of a dimmer cord set allows you to adjust the light intensity to suit your mood and setting.

Authentic Himalayan Salt: As with all genuine Himalayan salt products, each lamp is unique, with variations in size, color, shape, and weight. No two lamps are exactly alike.

Compact and Artistic Design: Measuring 9 inches in length, the Turtle Lamp fits seamlessly into various spaces, adding an artistic touch to your décor.

USB Cord Included: The lamp is user-friendly, equipped with all necessary components for immediate use.


Product Type: Himalayan Salt Turtle Lamp
Material: Himalayan Salt
Dimensions: 9" in length
Power Source: Small Candelabra Light Bulb (Included)
Maximum Bulb Wattage: 15 W
SKU: #29-458
Approximate Net Weight: 8 Lbs

This artistic and soothing Himalayan Salt Turtle Lamp serves both as a stunning decorative piece and a source of gentle, adjustable light, perfect for creating a tranquil ambiance in any space.

Please note, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.