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  • Natural Rock Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Natural Rock Himalayan Salt Lamp
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Q&A Himalayan Salt

100% Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Rock 5 lbs

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Discover the Tranquil Aura of our 100% Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp – An exquisite addition to your massage studio, practice room, or intimate bedroom spaces. Each piece, meticulously hand-carved from genuine Himalayan salt crystals, not only bestows a tranquil and soothing glow but also enhances your environment with its invigorating and pure aesthetic. The variations inherent in the Himalayan Rock Salt mean every lamp is a unique masterpiece, differing subtly in size, weight, and dimensions.


Key Features:

  • Adaptive Ambiance: Ability to change the bulb's color allows you to curate the lighting hue to your desired ambiance (Bulb Included).
  • Unique Signature: Due to the natural aspects of Himalayan Rock Salt, each lamp carries its distinct size, weight, and dimensions.
  • Complete Set: The lamp is accompanied by a wood base and a 6-foot UL-listed electrical cord with a dimmer switch and packaging - a sublime and thoughtful gift, pre-wrapped in natural beauty!
  • Soft Illumination: Maximum Bulb Wattage is 15W (Suggested Bulb: Clear C7 with Candelabra Base) – Bulb is included.
  • Gift of Purity: Offering a gift that is not only beautiful but brings the pure, natural aura of the Himalayan salt to loved ones.


  • Material: Hand-carved Himalayan Salt Crystals and Wood Base
  • Maximum Bulb Wattage: 15W (Bulb Included: Clear C7 with Candelabra Base)
  • Approximate Weight: 3 to 6 lbs
  • Approximate Height: 5 to 7 inches
  • Included: Wood Base, Electrical Cord Set with Dimmer Switch
  • SKU: #29-348 (SMALL)


Bask in the Pure and Soothing Glow of our "Himalayan Salt Lamp" as it harmoniously blends the serene lighting with the revitalizing energy of the salt, bringing a calm, purifying presence into your space.

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