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  • Himalayan Salt Fairy Sitting On The Moon Lamp
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Q&A Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt Fairy Sitting On The Moon Lamp

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Discover the Enchanting Beauty of our Unique Himalayan Salt Fairy Sitting on the Moon Lamp – a mystical addition to any room, inviting a sense of whimsical charm and serene ambiance. Delicately hand-carved from genuine Himalayan salt crystals, this lamp not only exudes a gentle, soothing glow but also transforms your space with its magical fairy design, providing an exquisite touch and top-tier quality.

Key Features:

  • Mystical Design: Intricately laser-engraved wood detailing showcases a fairy gracefully sitting on the moon, mesmerizing and elevating your décor.
  • Adaptable Ambiance: Change the bulb color to create varied and enthralling hues in your space, offering a customizable atmosphere (Bulb Included).
  • Gift-Ready Presentation: Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamps arrive with a wood base, a 4-foot UL-listed electrical cord with a dimmer switch, and a box – presenting them as an enchanting gift option!
  • Optimal Illumination: Maximum Bulb Wattage of 15W (Suggested Bulb: Clear C7 with Candelabra Base) ensures brilliant and soft lighting.
  • Artistic Appeal: The combination of laser-engraved wood and Himalayan salt brings an exclusive and captivating aesthetic.
  • Sturdy Wood Base: Included to enhance stability and complement the lamp’s enchanting design.
  • Subtle and Charming: With an approximate height of 7 inches and diameter of 6 inches, it is a subtle addition that brings a grand charm.
  • Authentic Weight: Boasting an approximate weight of 8-10 lbs, ensuring a genuine and substantial Himalayan salt lamp.


  • Lamp Type: Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Design: Fairy Sitting on the Moon
  • Material: Hand-carved Himalayan Salt Crystals and Laser-Engraved Wood
  • Maximum Bulb Wattage: 15W (Bulbs Included: Clear C7 with Candelabra Base)
  • Approximate Weight: 8-10 lbs 
  • Approximate Height: 7 inches
  • Diameter: 6 inches
  • SKU: #29-1768

Illuminate Your Space with the Magical "Himalayan Salt Fairy Sitting on the Moon Lamp" as it casts a calming and spellbinding light, creating a peaceful and fanciful experience. The combination of the serene glow from the Himalayan salt and the enchanting fairy motif invites a piece of a whimsical dream into your everyday space.

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