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  • Himalayan Salt Dog Lamp
  • Himalayan Salt Dog Lamp
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Q&A Himalayan Salt

100% Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Dog 8lbs

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Discover the unique charm and warmth of our handcrafted Himalayan Salt Dog Lamp—a masterpiece that seamlessly combines natural beauty and artistic craftsmanship. This one-of-a-kind lamp, carved from a large block of pure Himalayan salt, promises to be a captivating addition to your living space, celebrating the grace and spirit of man's best friend.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted Elegance: Every lamp is meticulously hand-carved, ensuring that each piece is unique and showcases the distinctive patterns and warm hues of authentic Himalayan salt crystals.
  • Illuminate Your Space: The lamp requires a small candelabra light bulb (included), casting a gentle glow that creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Plus, you have the option to change the bulb's color to transform the lighting ambiance according to your mood or décor preferences.
  • Perfectly Sized: Standing at 9 inches tall, this compact yet striking lamp is an ideal accent piece, drawing attention without overwhelming your space.
  • Customizable Lighting: With a maximum bulb wattage of 15W, you have the power to adjust the brightness to suit your needs, all while maintaining energy efficiency. A dimmer cord set is included for added convenience.
  • Sturdy and Secure: The lamp is anchored by a durable wood base, ensuring stability and adding a touch of rustic charm.
  • Unique and Unrepeatable: Embrace the natural variations of Himalayan rock salt. No two lamps are exactly alike, and you can expect variations in size, weight, and color—each lamp is as unique as a fingerprint.


  • Lamp Type: Himalayan Salt Dog Lamp
  • Bulb Requirement: Small Candelabra Light Bulb (included)
  • Size: Approximately 9 inches in height
  • Weight: Approximate Net Weight of 8 Lbs
  • Wood Base: Included
  • Dimmer Cord Set: Included
  • SKU: #29-448

The "Himalayan Salt Dog Lamp" is not just a lighting accessory; it's a statement piece that brings a touch of nature's serenity and the artistry of handcraftsmanship into your home.

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