Fall Fun With Himalayan Salt Lamps, Part 2

Welcome back to our short blog series! Last time, we began looking at ways to transform your home into a fall haven using your Himalayan salt lamps. Don’t have a salt lamp in your home yet? Head over to Q&A Himalayan Salt to peruse our wide selection of 100 percent pure rock salt lamps hand-crafted from stunning pink salt found in the Himalayas.

Now then, here are the decorative tips we offered in part one:

  • Showcase your salt lamps for all your neighbors to enjoy by placing a salt lamp in each front-facing window of your home.
  • Make a gorgeous fall arrangement to surround your Himalayan salt lamp.
  • Place Himalayan salt night lights in frequented rooms to add a touch of warmth.

Here are three more ways you can combine your Himalayan salt lamps with other decorative features in your home to create a fall-themed harvest of happiness in your home that you and your friends and family will love.

How To Decorate For Fall Using Salt Lamps

Make A Fall Table Center

A Himalayan salt lamp makes a beautiful table center for any fall get together or dinner party. However, you may be wondering how you’ll cover up the cord attached the salt lamp. Simple! Q&A Himalayan salt offers a collection of USB Himalayan salt lamps that work with USB ports, iPhone adaptors, and can also be plugged into the wall. These beautiful lamps are closer to works of art that change colors while still providing the healing properties pink salt lamps are cherished for. Place one in the center of your dining table to create a radiant fall atmosphere.

Add Fall Cheer To Bathrooms

When people host fall get-togethers, they often try to extend the fall decor to the washrooms and bathrooms using candles. Yet burning candles in these areas can become dangerous, especially if you forget to blow out the candles after a party before heading to bed. Instead of using candles to provide a gentle fall-themes glow in your washroom, place a Himalayan salt lamp, USB salt lamp, or pink salt night light in these spaces. It is perfectly safe — and encouraged — to keep your rock salt lamps on for long periods of time to fully enjoy the benefits these healing lamps may provide.

Add A Variety Of Fall Colors

Himalayan salt lamps create a radiant, warm fall glow thanks to the natural pinkish-orange color of the salt rock. But did you know you can actually change the bulbs in your salt lamp from clear to a color of your choice to enjoy all the colors of fall? It’s true! While you’ll want to keep at least one clear bulb in one of your salt lamps, replacing the others with a green, red, orange, and/or pink bulb can set your home aflame (in a good way) with all the colors of fall.

Shop Himalayan Salt Lamps

These are just some of the ways you can transform your home into a kaleidoscope of fall colors and decorations. If you want to enjoy the warm radiance and stunning fall ambience salt lamps can provide, visit Q&A Himalayan Salt today to shop our wide selection of beautiful, pure Himalayan salt lamps. Enjoy the start of autumn!      

This information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Q&A Supply, L.L.C. or its sister concern companies are not responsible for any misuse of Himalayan Salt Product or responsible of the above stated benefits.

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