Fall Fun With Himalayan Salt Lamps, Part 1

Fall is nearly upon us, and we at Q&A Himalayan Salt couldn’t be more excited. There’s nothing quite like the cool, crisp, colorful days of fall spent sipping hot herbal tea and cozying up with a good book and a comfy blanket. If you’re like many people this time of year, you’re probably looking for ways to spruce up your home in the best fall colors and decor to make your home that much comfier. If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to transform your home to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere using colors, decorations, and, of course, Himalayan salt lamps. In the anticipation of fall, here are some ways you can have fun with your salt lamps to make your home a fall oasis. Stop by Q&A Himalayan Salt today to shop our extensive selection of rock salt lamps, nightlights, and other Himalayan salt products.

How To Use Your Pink Salt Lamps As Fall Decor

Showcase Your Salt Lamps For All To See

Himalayan salt lamps already have a lot of fall character. With the clear bulbs included with these lamps, they produce a lovely pink, orange, and yellow glow thanks to the natural hue of the salt rock, which perfectly resembles the warm colors of changing fall leaves. Why keep these gorgeous lamps shut away from your neighbors? Enhance your home’s exterior by placing a salt lamp on each front-facing windowsill for all passersby to enjoy. Q&A Himalayan Salt offers a wide selection of sizes ranging from small to extra large, so surely you can find the perfect size salt lamp for your windows.

Make A Fall Arrangement

One way to highlight the colors of your salt lamp while the light is glowing and when it’s turned off is to make a lovely fall flower and leaf arrangement to place around your salt lamp. This can be done in many different ways and only requires a rock salt lamp or two, and a quick trip to the hobby store for supplies. Find an assortment of polyester leaves, flowers, pumpkins, garlands, stems, picks, berries, ribbon, and beads, and get crafty! You can create a stunning harvest arrangement that captures the essence of fall that will last all the way up until the winter holidays. The arrangement will look absolutely gorgeous when your salt lamp is glowing.   

Delicate Burst Of Warm Radiance

If you want to add a touch of warmth to your home, add a Himalayan salt night light to each of your most frequented rooms. These mini Himalayan salt lamps add just enough dim yet warm light to any room. Plus, the delicate glow from these tiny salt lamps pairs perfectly with fall candles, creating a truly warm and cozy space to watch movies, play board games, or sit and chat over a nice cup of tea.

Get Your Salt Lamp For Fall

If you’re ready to add comfort and warmth to your home this fall, shop Q&A Himalayan Salt for stunning rock salt lamps and more. Our Himalayan salt lamps come in all sizes and styles to match your home’s aesthetic. Order yours today and see how much fun they can be for the fall season!

Join is next time to learn a few more ways you can use pink salt lamps to transform your home into a festival of fall colors and cheer.


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