Cooking Steak on a Himalayan Salt Block

Cooking Steak on a Himalayan Salt Block

While Q & A Himalayan Salt is widely known for its healthful and beautiful Himalayan salt rock lamp collection, we also supply a spectacular product for the culinary world: the Himalayan Salt Cooking block.

In this blog, we’re going to teach you how to cook mankind’s greatest food discovery—a salty and sultry steak—on our very own salt block.

Find the right salt block.

This is, by far, the easiest part of the salt block cooking process. All you have to do is buy yourself this top-of-the-line Himalayan salt cooking block and wait for it to show up in the mail. That’s when the culinary adventure really begins.  

Heat up the block.

This is where things really start to heat up—mainly because you’re going to heat up your Himalayan salt block. It is critical to follow the official, undeniable, and unalienable rules of heating up your salt block: heat for 20 minutes on low, then 20 minutes on medium, then 20 minutes on high until your block is ready to sizzle some steak. Slower is better when heating up your salt block, as rushing the process can lead to cracking. You’re looking for the block to have a surface temperature of 500 degrees—so use an infrared thermometer to monitor the temperature, or sprinkle a little water on the block and listen for a violent sizzle to know your block is ready to roll.

Place your steak on the block.

Congratulations! If you’ve made it to this point, you’re only a few simple steps away from a hot, heaping pile of meat that’s packed with complex flavors and healthy, salty goodness (the salt is probably a little healthier than the steak).

Okay, back to cooking. Place your steak or steak strips on your salt block, making sure all of your pieces of steak have a enough breathing room to cook. Then, after a couple of minutes, grab your metal (not plastic) spatula or tongs, and flip your meat over to cook the other side for another few minutes. Then, using your metal (not plastic!) spatula or tongs, pull your steak off the salt block.

A Word of Warning

We’re not here to tell you what to do in regards to cooking your steak—after all, we’re purveyors of Himalayan salt, not expert chefs. But if we know one thing about cooking steaks and other pieces of meat, it’s that asking for a cooking a steak “well done” is blasphemous, appalling, and an unforgivable act with serious universal and culinary consequences. A medium or medium rare steak is fine—a well done steak should be a punishable crime, with your taste buds and the culinary world prosecuting you in district court. We’re not telling you to eat it raw—we’re telling you to cook your steak properly before you eat it.

Clean your salt block.

Before you clean your salt block, let it cool for at least an hour. Then, use a moist sponge (with no soap) and scrub the salt block to remove any grime or gristle on the surface. Wipe it all clean with a dry towel, and repeat the whole cleaning process until all the food matter has vanished.

For more culinary tips and information on Himalayan salt products, check out the rest of our blog posts!


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