4 Ways To Use Himalayan Salt Lamps As Halloween Decorations

4 Ways To Use Himalayan Salt Lamps As Halloween Decorations

One of the best parts about fall is that it’s the season with everyone’s favorite scary holiday: Halloween! The month of October offers 31 days to eat all the best Halloween candy, dress up in frightfully fun costumes, and, of course, deck out your home with pumpkins, ghosts, and ghouls. But if you are looking for creative ways to decorate your home for Halloween this year, have we got spooky decorating ideas for you!

There are a number of ways you can use Himalayan salt lamps to create a soothing yet mysterious atmosphere in your home for everyday enjoyment or for chilling All Hallows’ Eve party. Today, we’ll share some of our favorite Halloween decorating tips with you. The key feature of these decorating ideas is a pink salt lamp. For the best selection of witchy salt lamps and more, be sure to visit Q&A Himalayan Salt where we offer something for all tastes and styles.

Four Halloween Decorating Tips Using Himalayan Salt Lamps

Witch’s Brew

No Halloween party is complete without a steaming cauldron of witch’s brew. You can make this for everyday enjoyment by creating the effect of a bubbling cauldron. One of the best parts about Himalayan salt lamps is that you can change out the light bulbs to create a glowing color of your choice. To create a witch’s brew prop, simply replace the clear bulb with a green bulb. Then, you can place the salt lamp in a cauldron and using a smoke machine or a block of dry ice, you can create the effect of an effervescent liquid concoction stewing in the cauldron. You can even place decorative witches around the cauldron to create the spooky iconic scene of witches hard at work on their potion.

Crystal Ball

Keeping with the witchy theme, you can create the effect of crystal ball using a Himalayan salt lamp globe. All you need is a small table, coffee table, or end table, a black tablecloth, glitter, candles, and, of course, a salt lamp shaped like a globe. To create the illusion of a glowing crystal ball, make a small incision in the cloth to run the cord through, which can then be hidden underneath the tablecloth. Next, place the salt lamp in the center of the table (concealing the cord), placing a few creepy candles around the salt lamp. Sprinkle glitter on the table, and voila! Want to get even more creative? Either buy or make Tarot cards to stack on the table. Then, either yourself or a loved one can dress up as a witch or gypsy for your Halloween party to bring the effect to life.

A Witch’s Familiar

A good witch always has her familiar, or animal guide, to assist her with making potions and casting spells. Luckily for you, the Q&A Himalayan Salt lamp collection features salt lamps handcrafted in the shape of every witch’s favorite familiar: the cat. Our one-of-a-kind salt lamp cat glows just as radiantly as all our salt lamps, but in the form of a four-legged feline. Set this lamp next to your favorite witch-themed Halloween decorations, or you can even dress the lamp up with a tiny pointed witch hat.  

Frightful Fiery Bowl  

Our salt lamp collection features one of the most popular styles of salt lamps: a Himalayan salt fire bowl lamp. This lamp is hand-carved from brilliant pink, almost blood red Himalayan salt. This lamp is absolutely stunning and creates the effect of bowl of fire when lit up by the light bulb. You can make this centerpiece of your Halloween party snack or drink bar by simply turning it on. You can also place spooky decorations around the lamp to kick the spookiness into high-gear. You can even use this lamp combined with Himalayan salt tea light candle holders and other decorations to create the effect of a scary altar.  

Find Your Salt Lamp

These are some of our favorite ways to decorate for Halloween using Himalayan salt lamps. Not only do these ideas work for home decorating, but also for decorating your office. Live on the wild side and trade in your average Halloween decorations for those which will illuminate your home, create a creepy yet soothing atmosphere, all while emitting negative ions that naturally help clear the air and dilute odors. Shop our Top Rated Local® pure Himalayan salt products to find the perfect pink salt lamp for your home and get it just on time for Halloween! Visit Q&A Himalayan Salt today! 

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