3 Ways to Make Summer Fun With Himalayan Salt Products, Part 1

3 Ways to Make Summer Fun With Himalayan Salt Products, Part 1

Salt Lamp on TableHello, and welcome back to the Q&A Himalayan Salt blog! Now that summer is finally here, you’re probably looking for ways to transform your home and backyard into a summer oasis for relaxing in and entertaining your loved ones. At Q&A Himalayan Salt, we have just what you need to enhance your summer fun. Today, we will look at some of our favorite ways to decorate our home and entertain friends and family, focusing on ways to create the perfect DIY summer sanctuary. Be sure to visit our site to order Himalayan salt lamps and other fun Himalayan salt products that can accentuate your home this summer.

Glowing Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

If you want to add accent lighting to your patio or front porch, Himalayan salt candle holders can transform your the outdoor areas of your home into a scene right out of Game of Thrones. In fact, our fortress arch pink salt candle holders were inspired by the series. Each tea light candle holder is made from 100 percent pure, million-year-old salt mined in the Himalayas. They feature a small space to place tea lights which create a truly marvelous light. Because the salt has been untouched by pollutants, these incandescent candles release negative ions that can purify the air around each candle while emitting a beautiful amber glow that will make you want to sit outdoors all night. Place these on your patio furniture to create a perfectly low-lit, twinkling setting area for you and your guests to enjoy during a backyard barbeque.

Adorable Himalayan Salt Night Lights

Himalayan salt night lights are a favorite among children but also add the perfect amount of dim amber light to any front porch or back patio. Plus, keeping outdoor lights on above entryways can attract all those unwanted flying pests that can make spending time outdoors during the summer intolerable. These small lights emit just the right amount of light without attracting too many bugs. Simply plug them into the electric plugs near entryways and you’ll have a nice amount of light!

Radiant Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are excellent for indoor and outdoor use. While you will want to keep them protected from the elements when using them outdoors, they provide a warm glow, perfect for creating mood lighting when entertaining guests. Place them on a patio table as a centerpiece for a backyard dinner or on an end table to create a magical, serene atmosphere. Himalayan salt lamps are easy to move around so you can move them indoors when you head inside. Plus, you can enjoy your Himalayan salt lamp year-round so it’s a great summer investment!  

Shop Q&A Himalayan Salt Today

For these and other stunning Himalayan salt products, visit our site today for all your home decor needs. Our pink salt candle holders, pink salt night lights, and Himalayan salt lamps can enhance the beauty and magic of your outdoors settings to create a peaceful backyard oasis for summertime activities. Be sure to tune in next time as we look at even more ways to use Himalayan salt products to enhance your summer.

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