3 Reasons to Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp for Your Office, Part 1

3 Reasons to Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp for Your Office, Part 1

Have you been searching for a gorgeous addition for your desk that is not only decorative but also functional? At Q&A Himalayan Salt, we offer the highest quality Himalayan products, including one of our most popular selections — Himalayan salt lamps. Today, we will look at four reasons why you should consider getting a Himalayan salt lamp for your office. Along with being handcrafted from 100-percent-pure pink salt mined deep in the Himalaya Mountains, each and every pink salt lamp has several health properties that can boost your wellness and mood. Learn more below and visit our site today to order salt lamps and other fine pink salt products.

Work of Art

Along with offering a plethora of health properties, Himalayan salt lamps are stunningly gorgeous. They provide a small glow of amber light that can add a touch of beauty to any desk or office furnishing to create a calming atmosphere. Whether you prefer the natural appearance or sculpted shape of a Himalayan salt lamp, each is hand carved to create a unique aesthetic that your, your coworkers, and customers can enjoy.  

Eliminates Allergens

Himalayan salt crystals are mined from million-year-old crystal formations that that are untouched by pollutants. Therefore, as salt lamps warm up from the heat of the bulb, they emanate negative ions that fight against positively charged particles, which can help minimize allergens in the area surrounding a salt lamp. Offices and commercial spaces feature large, shared HVAC systems that, when not properly maintained, can cause airborne allergens and other particles to irritate your sinuses. Keeping a Himalayan salt lamp on your desk and eliminate allergens, reducing irritations.

Boosts Mood

The negative ions in pink salt crystals that fight airborne allergens can also offset positive ions that cause disruptions in the body that can lower your mood. Work can be a high-stress environment. Having a salt lamp on your desk that emits a calming glow and negative ions have a similar effect to spending time outdoors, which can improve your mood and energy levels.   

Order a Himalayan Salt Lamp

There are many great reasons to get a pink salt lamp for your office, so be sure to join us for part two to learn even more about the amazing health properties of these unique functional treasures. If you would like to order a Himalayan salt lamp for your office space, visit Q&A Himalayan Salt today! We have a wide variety of salt lamps that come in all shapes and sizes.

This information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Q&A Supply, L.L.C. or its sister concern companies are not responsible for any misuse of Himalayan Salt Product or responsible of the above stated benefits.


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