3 Reasons to Decorate Your Spa With Himalayan Salt Lamps, Pt. 3

3 Reasons to Decorate Your Spa With Himalayan Salt Lamps, Pt. 3

Welcome back to the Q&A Himalayan Salt blog! In this blog series, we have been exploring the reasons why you should have Himalayan salt lamps in your spa. Salt lamps have many healing benefits that can enhance the spa treatments you offer while also giving you and your employees a nice boost throughout their workday. In parts one and two, we recommended placing a Himalayan salt lamp in a waiting room, break room, and treatment rooms for the following reasons:

  • Offers a beautiful decorative feature
  • Provides a sense of radiance and warmth
  • Rejuvenates the air quality in your spa rooms
  • Improves energy levels of clients and staff
  • Enhances breathing
  • Improves mood

Below are three more reasons why you will want to add this stunning feature to your spa to not only decorate your space, but to share with your clients and employees the many health and environmental benefits that Himalayan salt lamps offer. Be sure to stop by Q&A Himalayan Salt to check out the different salt lamp designs and sizes we offer.

Boosts Circulation

Massage therapists, energy workers, yoga instructors, and meditation practitioners often have Himalayan salt lamps in their studios because they are known to stimulate blood flow and circulation. Salt lamps deliver negative ions that can positively affect the vascular system. Because many spa treatments such as massage therapy, facials, body wraps, and body scrubs seek to improve circulation to aid in injury recovery and pain relief, having a Himalayan salt lamp in your treatment room can assist in accelerating blood and lymph flow. This added stimulation can assist in warming up the muscles and bringing blood to the surface of the skin, while also helping to flush toxins from injured tissues. What’s more, a salt lamp can aid in facial treatments to get the blood flowing to improve circulation and collagen production.

Reduces Stress and Encourages Relaxation

As a spa owner, you are in the business of reducing people’s stress and helping them relax. To make your treatment rooms and spa treatments as comforting, calming, and relaxing as possible, you probably incorporate candles, aromatherapy, warm blankets, and soothing spa music to help your clients de-stress and relax. Well, adding a Himalayan salt lamp will only enhance the serene environment you have already created in your spa. Pink salt lamps deliver a soft illumination to every space, creating the perfect amount of light that is both calming and soothing. What’s more, you can change out the light bulbs in salt lamps to create a specific tone for your treatment room to enhance the relaxing effect. The colors you use in your spa can stimulate different feelings and emotions. Color therapy, or chromotherapy, involves the use of specific colors for healing different ailments. For instance, blues and violets can calm nerves and different hues of green promote healing and growth. You can change the color in your salt lamp to enhance your spa therapies, encourage relaxation, and ease anxiety.   


Reduces Cold and Allergy Symptoms

We mentioned that the negative ions emitted from Himalayan salt lamps can improve air quality and reduce allergens. Therefore, many practitioners believe that incorporating salt lamps into their studios and treatment rooms can help protect them and their patients against harmful airborne germs that contribute to colds and allergies. While a Himalayan salt lamp cleans the air by removing dust particles and other pollutants, the pink salt crystals can aid in protecting the body from these and other contaminants from entering the body through the sinus passages. This can help cut down on the spread of germs in your spa, while also limiting respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and even sore throats. Minimizing these symptoms can make the entire pa experience that much more enjoyable and relaxing for the client.

Get Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Today

This concludes our three-part blog series where we have looked at the reasons and benefits of adding Himalayan salt lamps to your spa. Not only are salt lamps pleasing to look at, they also have many health and healing properties that can benefit you, your staff, and most importantly, your clients. Whether you want to add one Himalayan salt lamp to your waiting room, or add one to each of your treatment rooms, your clients will love them and your employees will, too. Visit Q&A Himalayan Salt today to order your Himalayan salt lamps carved from 100 percent pure pink Himalayan salt. These unique salt lamps can give your spa a warm, soothing, and comforting atmosphere that will not only look amazing, but will also deliver numerous health benefits to your clients and staff. We offer a variety of hand-crafted salt lamp designs including, a salt fire bowl, an angel, a cat, and a traditional natural design. We offer numerous sizes, including our mini cube salt lamps, and mini USB lamps in the shape of a globe, a mini fire bowl, a mini pyramid, and more. Stop by and shop today!


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