3 Reasons to Decorate Your Spa With Himalayan Salt Lamps, Pt. 2

3 Reasons to Decorate Your Spa With Himalayan Salt Lamps, Pt. 2

Welcome back to part two of our short blog series. Last time, we began looking at reasons to decorate your spa with Himalayan salt lamps. For one, placing a Himalayan salt lamp in your waiting room will add the perfect touch of elegance that is pleasing to the eye. Additionally, salt lamps create a warm radiance that will make a massage room or facial room even more comfortable for your clients. Perhaps one of the best reasons to place a Himalayan salt lamp in your waiting room or treatment room is that it helps naturally clean and purify the air of dust particles and other allergens, which can enhance the overall spa experience for your clients. Today, let’s look at three more reasons to add Himalayan salt lamps as decorative features with amazing benefits to your spa.

Improves Energy Levels

As we mentioned in part one, pink salt lamps release negative ions that minimize electromagnetic radiation. At the same time, the negative ions fight positive ions that are known by body practitioners and energy workers to deplete the body of energy. Therefore, having a warm and glowing Himalayan salt lamp in your treatment room can enhance a massage session or spa treatment by increasing both the therapist’s and the client’s energy levels. This can enhance the client’s overall spa experience because it encourages the feeling of rejuvenation similar to the feeling after spending time outdoors and connecting with nature. Who wouldn’t want their clients to walk out of their spa feeling this sense of renewal and revitalization?

Enhances Breathing

Massage therapists, energy workers, and other body practitioners working in spas employ deep breathing techniques as part of their treatments to encourage focus, to help ease pain, and to regulate heart rate so that spa clients can relax. Because Himalayan salt lamps are known for improving air quality, they can improve overall breathing and respiratory health. Cilia, the eyelash-like hairs that line the windpipe, function as microscopic air filters for the air you breathe in, and these can be negatively affected by positive ions in the air. Therefore, placing a Himalayan salt lamp in your treatment rooms can help your therapists and clients breathe better because the salt lamps naturally counteract the positive ions with negative ions by filtering pollutants from the air and thus, improving respiratory health.   

Improves Mood

The negative ions that salt lamps release can also enhance your mood. Himalayan salt lamps are known to stimulate serotonin production in the brain, the body’s natural chemical that helps stabilize a person’s mood and overall behavior. Many people coming into your spa may be hoping to de-stress in order to help improve their mood. Having a Himalayan salt lamp in your treatment room can not only give the client’s mood a boost, but also your therapist or aesthetician who is providing the spa treatment. What’s more, placing a salt lamp in your waiting room and in each of your treatment rooms can really boost employee morale.

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These are just a few more reasons why you should decorate your spa with pink salt lamps to benefit both your clients and staff. If you would like to order a Himalayan salt lamp for your waiting room, break room, or treatment rooms, visit Q&A Himalayan Salt today and shop our selection of gorgeous salt lamps and Himalayan salt products made from 100 percent Himalayan salt. We offer many different salt lamp designs and sizes to fit the look and feel of any spa, so visit us today to get yours! Be sure to tune in for part three of this blog series to learn more reasons why you should have Himalayan salt lamps in your spa.

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